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Raspberry Pi (Zero/2/3) 1- Port Repeater Controller Board

The PI-REPEATER-1X is a full duplex, single port repeater controller platform that mounts on your Raspberry Pi (Zero/2/3).

In addition to supporting the interface for your repeater, 8x GPIO and 8x Analog inputs are available through 1x10 headers, which can be used to connect to sensors, alarms, etc.

Note for Pi Zero users: While the hardware is compatible with the Zero boards, ICS starter images are not compatible with the Pi Zero Hardware. This is a result of incompatible arm versions in the processor CPU. SVXLINK can run on the zeros, but you will need to compile from source.)


1x 1-port controller board,

1x DB9 radio interface cable.


1x Raspberry Pi Zero/2/3 computer

1x 0.5+A MicroUSB power source,

1X Cables to interface your radios

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