NOW AVAILABLE - LINKER IIA replacement microprocessors. We have completed testing on the revision 1.45 firmware. We know there is a version of 1.47 floating around out there, however we have not been able to get it functional yet. Due to this we have reverted to the 1.45 revision to get you up and running again. We are working on the BASIC controller microprocessors as well currently. We expect to begin doing a limited release of the Linker IIa boards in the near future as we have just purchased a large number of components and will be beginning assembly in the near future. Stay tuned for availablilty

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We have several controllers depending on which functionality you are looking for. If you already know which model you want simply click on the link below to go directly to it. If you want to compare the features, select the Controllers link above

Digital Audio Delay Module

The ICS Digital Audio Delay Module (DADM) is an enhanced Audio Delay Module and can be used in place of competitive audio delay units. It offers excellent frequency response and signal-to-noise ratio. Additionally, the DADM contains an on-board audio gate which allows it to become a standalone squelch tail eliminator. This means no external gating or controller is needed in simple applications. A COR (carrier-operated relay or switch) connection is needed from the receiver to activate the audio gate.