1RU Rack Enclosures NOW AVAILABLE

We are pleased to announce the Rack Enclosures are released to full production and are available to order. These are being made to order and usually ship in ~1 week.

Shopping cart issues

Unfortunately we are having some intermittent issues with the shopping cart system. We believe this is related to the USPS quoting system, but have been unable to verify or find a workaround. Until we can resolve this issue we are switching to a fixed $6 shipping fee on all orders. We believe this will resolve the issue most of you are encountering, but like all things technology, there is no guarantee it will resolve every issue. Please use the shopping cart to create your order, being sure to enter all fields requested by the cart system. If you have any issues, please email us with a list of the products that you wish to order and we will get a manual order entered right away for you. Thanks for your understanding and patience while we work through these issues.


We have several controllers depending on which functionality you are looking for. If you already know which model you want simply click on the link below to go directly to it. If you want to compare the features, select the Controllers link above

Digital Audio Delay Module

The ICS Digital Audio Delay Module (DADM) is an enhanced Audio Delay Module and can be used in place of competitive audio delay units. It offers excellent frequency response and signal-to-noise ratio. Additionally, the DADM contains an on-board audio gate which allows it to become a standalone squelch tail eliminator. This means no external gating or controller is needed in simple applications. A COR (carrier-operated relay or switch) connection is needed from the receiver to activate the audio gate.