ICS-CTRL.COM has new owners and we are working hard to get everything back up and running. We are still working through many technical challenges due to lost knowledge, but rest assured that we are actively working to get your favorite products back on the market. Please be patient with us while we get started. New emails and other contact information will be coming online shortly.

Please help to spread the word that ICS is coming back!
We know many of you sent hardware in for service, but never received it back. We appreciate your understanding that we are not responsible for the lack of return of your hardware, and that we have not received any physical goods of any kind (not even a bag of resistors!) as part of the sale of the buisiness. We have purchased only the intellectual property (and some may be missing here also). We will be doing what we can to help get you going in the fairest manner possible once we get production resumed.

Many thanks to those of you that continue to reach out to us with support and inquiries on our progress.

Here is an update on how things are progressing so far
* Linker IIa PCB has completed a design review and first verification fabs are delivered (awaiting assembly)
* Linker IIa BOM has been scrubbed and modern parts have been identified (many of the parts were obsoleted)
* Firmware chips have been programmed and we are working to verify functionality. This appears to be our biggest hurdle at the moment
* Existing Rack Mount case supplier has been identified so we are reviewing the existing design for potential modifications (exposing LEDs, etc)

If anyone has worked with Brian in the past on assembly or other related works, we would love to hear from you as we continue to piece everything and prepare for first product launch.


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We have several controllers depending on which functionality you are looking for. If you already know which model you want simply click on the link below to go directly to it. If you want to compare the features, select the Controllers link above

Digital Audio Delay Module

The ICS Digital Audio Delay Module (DADM) is an enhanced Audio Delay Module and can be used in place of competitive audio delay units. It offers excellent frequency response and signal-to-noise ratio. Additionally, the DADM contains an on-board audio gate which allows it to become a standalone squelch tail eliminator. This means no external gating or controller is needed in simple applications. A COR (carrier-operated relay or switch) connection is needed from the receiver to activate the audio gate.