As you may have heard, we have designed a 2 port controller based on the Raspberry Pi platform. We are getting very close to having these ready for sale, We are anticipating the hardware becoming orderable in Mid-Late July. We are preparing a final build of prototypes to make sure all the findings have been addressed before we go live, but we expect big things from this little platform.

If you want to learn about the software platform, we would like to refer you over to Open Repeater Project. This project is a launching point for the SVXlink open source project that is very customizable. We encourage you to take a look at the projects, and please note that while we are partnering with OpenRepeater and using SVXlink under the hood for our development, there is no reason you can't use our platform with any other software application that fits your needs. You are free to experiment, and we encourage you to be involved to help your chosen application grow.

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We have several controllers depending on which functionality you are looking for. If you already know which model you want simply click on the link below to go directly to it. If you want to compare the features, select the Controllers link above

Digital Audio Delay Module

The ICS Digital Audio Delay Module (DADM) is an enhanced Audio Delay Module and can be used in place of competitive audio delay units. It offers excellent frequency response and signal-to-noise ratio. Additionally, the DADM contains an on-board audio gate which allows it to become a standalone squelch tail eliminator. This means no external gating or controller is needed in simple applications. A COR (carrier-operated relay or switch) connection is needed from the receiver to activate the audio gate.



We offer a number of accessories including rack mount cabinet cases, replacement controller ICs for the Linker II and Basics, MSTR III extender cards, and other things that don't fit directly in the controllers category. Have a look and see if what you need is already listed, if not, shoot us and email and we can get you what you need, either through updating the system, or just doing a manual invoice. We are here to help so don't be afraid to ask even for something unusual.

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